Saturday, June 10, 2006

se equivocaron los ingleses no habia un arma quimica ni eran terroristas

La policia inglesa libero sin cargos a los detenidos en el raid antiterroristas de la semana pasada:
Two brothers held in armed raid on home released without charge · Police unable to find link to biological terror plot·
The two brothers arrested last week in an anti-terror raid on a house in east London, in which one was shot, were released without charge last night after police failed to find any link to an alleged biological terror plot.
However, the Metropolitan police said the intelligence which led to the raid last Friday was still being developed, adding that all lines of inquiry would be exhausted.
Mohammed Abdul Kahar, 23 and Abul Koyair, 20, maintained their innocence throughout their detention. They were released from Paddington Green high security police station shortly before 8:30pm after an extensive search of their house.
More than 250 police officers, some of them armed and wearing biochemical suits, burst into the house at 4am last Friday after receiving intelligence claiming that a chemical or biological weapon could be inside. During the operation, Mr Kahar was shot in the shoulder by a police gun. Police maintained that they had been left with "no choice" but to force entry into the home, because there was "very specific" intelligence of a threat to public safety.
Security sources said the timing of the raid was dictated by fears that an attack on a British target using an unconventional weapon could be soon be staged.
But as the week drew on, senior officers came under increasing pressure and were forced to concede that there may never have been such a weapon in the house.
The shooting of Mr Kahar will be investigated by the Independent Police Complaints Commission, which could take months to produce a report.
At the same time, the Met regards the investigation into the intelligence as an ongoing inquiry which may lead elsewhere, with the possibility of more raids.
The home secretary, John Reid, last night defended the police.
"The police are acting in the best interests of the whole community in order to protect the whole community, and they therefore deserve the support of the whole community in doing what is often a very hazardous and dangerous job often involving difficult decisions," he said.
Scotland Yard said the two men would be contacted so arrangements could be made for property to be handed back to them. It also said the police would undertake appropriate restoration work.
The Met's assistant commissioner, Andy Hayman, thanked the community for its understanding. "We have worked with the local community since the operation on Friday to keep them updated and have listened to their concerns." he said.
The two brothers were arrested under the Terrorism Act, and held on suspicion of the commission, preparation and instigation of acts of terrorism. Mr Kahar was held under armed guard at Royal London hospital in Whitechapel, as he recovered from his wounds. He was shot in the upper right hand side of his chest, with the bullet exiting through his shoulder.Azad Ali chair of the Muslim Safety Forum, which tries to improve relations between the Muslim community and the police, said officers should explain fully to the family what happened and apologise for the trauma they caused.
"The police have clearly made errors and they have to learn lessons," he said.
aqui hay que hacer dos apuntes,primero hay una posibilidad muy alarmante de que la inteligencia que condujo a esta operacion haya sido malinterpretada (tal y como se ve en las partes que resalte)y si hay una celula terrorista con un arma quimica en alguna parte de londres.
segundo que este lamentable error va a aumentar el victimismo entre los musulmanes y eso puede ser explotado por los islamistas fanaticos


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