Monday, June 19, 2006

la guerra con Iran se acerca

dos breves notas que hacen ver que en el golfo persico se hacen preparativos para la guerra con Iran
Iran and its neighbors are preparing for war By Olivier Guitta
Military activity in the Gulf has been increasing tremendously in the past few months. According to British sources, the stock of weapons, missiles and combat planes in the six neighboring countries to Iran is now three times what it was at the onset of the Iraq war in 2003.This arsenal is also composed of submarines, destroyers belonging to Iran and also to the international community in the Sea of Oman. An impressive number of offensive and defensive weapons are also deployed in the region. For instance, since March ,Gulf refineries and vital oil installations are protected by batteries of Patriot missiles. Furthermore, according to the Kuwaiti daily Al Seyassah, the US has built a massive stock of oil and could ask the temporary stop of Gulf refineries in order to prevent heavy damage in case of an Iranian attack. Iran has indeed warned Gulf monarchies that their oil facilities would be the first target in case of a US operation on Iranian nuclear facilities.

Further preparation in the Gulf for potential war By Olivier Guitta
Less than a month ago I posted on the military preparation going on in the Gulf.Additional elements are pointing towards the seriousness of the preparation in place. For instance Qatar helped by the IAEA and Western nuclear powers is putting in place a defense plan against nuclear radiations.Also Assafir reported that Gulf monarchies just finished preparing an emergency plan in case of a blockade of the Strait of Ormuz, which Iran has threatened to block. The Gulf Countries Transportation Ministers have signed on the plan which consists in using alternate ports for mostly oil transport.Finally most Arab countries are furious about the very close rapprochement between Iran and Syria. In fact, just a few days ago, the Defense Ministers of these two countries inked a military agreement to protect themselves against " US and Zionist threats". This agreement entails that if one of the two is attacked then the other one will come to the rescue.
Skies are definetely getting darker again in that region...


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