Saturday, August 11, 2007

¿por que EEUU acaba de desplegar sorpresivamente los bombarderos B-2 a Guam?

me acaba de llegar una nota muy inquietante si es que es cierta, al parecer los Bombarderos B-2 fueron desplegados a Guam sorpresivamente,la fuente (que no es muy confiable repito) dice que la orden fue sorpresiva y que las tripulaciones apenas tuvieron tiempo de avisar que se iban adesplegar a un lugar no especificado depues se supo que fue a Guam:
Reliable sources have told "The Hal Turner Show" that at 0300 yesterday morning, crews of B-2 "Stealth" bombers at Whiteman Air Force Base in Missouri were ordered deployed immediately to Guam. Crews barely had time to phone relatives to tell them they were being forward-deployed. Crews could not say where they were going or how long they would be deployed, but "The Hal Turner Show" can confirm the long range nuclear bombers have been sent to Guam. Additional details as they become available. . . . . check back. UPDATE August 9, 2007 00:12 HRS EDT - Due to the incredible technologies employed in the B2 Stealth Bomber, the aircraft exist at only ONE operating base anywhere in the world: Whiteman Air Force Base in Missouri. According to military sources, the super secret planes are never sent abroad "unless they are going to be used." The military contact I spoke with just minutes ago told me "When we deploy the B2, we intend to strike." My contact in the Pentagon also said "The long range capability of the aircraft make it possible to strike anywhere in the world from their U.S. Base. Deploying them into the Pacific theater would only be done to speed our ability to launch a strike." He also made an ominous statement, saying "Whatever is coming, is coming very soon."
si esto es cierto podria haber un ataque a Iran muy muy pronto


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